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All options below include our full suite of services with a dedicated advisor and support team.


Our full end-to-end admissions advising for half of what most services charge.

With the Essential service, we work with you to complete your top school’s application, then you take the learnings to apply to any additional schools on your own.

Nothing is left out of our Essential service, which includes all of the same core components as our Complete and Unlimited versions.


Our most popular offering, the Complete service works with you to perfect up to 8 full college applications across a balanced selection of reach, match, and safety schools.

This includes writing guidance and review of each schools’ “why us” essay, and specific short answer questions. When you choose the Complete service, you can ensure that each of your applications will be submitted with the highest standard.

You can also add additional applications for a per app fee.


If you’re planning to apply to 15 or more colleges, then this is the right service for you.

Our Unlimited offering allows you to apply to as many colleges as you want, working with an advisor to complete each unique application.

Everything included in the Complete service is available for as many applications as you have the stamina to apply to.
During your free consultation, one of our experts will provide full details on pricing and payment options.
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Since 2006, Cappex has been the leader in getting students to day one at the college that’s right for them. We've helped more than 12 million students attend the college of their dreams and work directly with more than 1,000 college admissions offices to compile both the knowledge and data that streamlines the admissions process, giving students their best chance of getting into their top colleges.

With Cappex Admissions Advising, you don’t just get an advisor. You get a whole team of experts, premium support staff, and data analysts all working to make your college dream come true.
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