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Every one of Cappex Admissions Advising’s service packages includes expert advising personalized to meet you wherever you are in the application process. The only difference between our various packages is the number of applications that we help you submit.
► essential package
Our full end-to-end admissions advising for half of what most services charge. We work with you to complete your top school’s application, then you take the learnings to apply to any additional schools on your own. Nothing is left out of our Essential package, it’s just that we are helping with one school instead of many.
► complete package
Our most popular offering, we work with you to perfect up to eight (8) full college applications across a balanced selection of reach, match, and likely schools. This includes writing guidance and review of each schools’ “why us” essay, all of their specific short answer questions and a line-by-line read of each application before it is submitted. It’s also possible to add additional applications for a per app fee.
► unlimited package
If you’re planning to apply to fifteen (15) or more colleges, then this is the right package for you. Our Unlimited offering allows you to apply to as many colleges as you want, working with an advisor to complete each unique application regardless of how many supplemental essays and extra steps are required. If you have the stamina to apply to this many schools, so do we.
Every package includes the following and more:
  • Unlimited access to a dedicated Senior College Advisor
  • One-on-one virtual meetings that meet your schedule
  • Access to an online project management portal that ensures advisors and families stay organized and on track throughout the entire college admissions process
  • Narrative strategy development and refinement
  • College list creation with matches by academic program, fit, financial generosity and selectivity
  • Application strategy including early decision/early action considerations
  • Recommendation letter strategy
  • Standardized testing plan by school including test-optional strategy
  • Brainstorming of Personal statement and Supplemental essay topics
  • Unlimited personal statement revisions
  • Unlimited supplemental essay revisions
  • Extracurricular positioning and prioritization
  • Awards and honors positioning and prioritization
  • Line-by-line application review before any app is submitted
  • Full management of timeline, deadlines and application requirements
  • Unlimited interview preparation
  • Financial Aid strategy and offer optimization
  • Post acceptance and decision advising
  • Wait-list and deferral assistance
  • Gap year advising (if applicable)
► extras for juniors
The extra time that Juniors have before they start applying is crucial for becoming a better applicant. Our advisors work with students throughout junior year to heighten areas of success and correct areas of weakness. All our our junior year advising starts with an assessment of each part of a student’s academic and extracurricular profile so that when it’s time to apply you are the best you possible.
All juniors get the extra benefit of working with the same college admissions advisor that they’ll work with senior year. The extra time to develop that relationship can make the entire process more seamless and is consistently cited as one of the best parts of starting with Cappex Admissions Advising as a junior.
If you're a Junior or Senior that wants the best college admissions advice, schedule a consult >
You get everything above and...
  • Unlimited access to the same admissions advisor you’ll work with as a senior
  • Course selection and academic rigor strategy
  • Extracurricular enhancement plan
  • College tour selection criteria and early list building
  • Summer program and internship development
  • Academic program interview prep
  • Enhanced testing strategy and timeline
  • Enhanced recommendation strategy
  • Early personal statement planning and guidance
► underclassmen
You’re already thinking seriously about how you’ll apply to colleges. That’s great—it means you’re ahead of the majority of the students who will compete at the most selective colleges when it’s time.
 By forming a relationship now, we can help guide the academic and extracurricular choices and decisions you make over the coming years. Our deep experience with college admissions offices allows us to counsel you on course selection, summer jobs, club participation, relationship-building with teachers and other influencers, the ACT-SAT choice and the ways you approach applying to colleges in general. There are so many macro and micro-decisions that happen along the way in high school and we can be your trusted advisor in all of them.
 Let us help you build the structure of what will become your personal narrative—and keep you ahead of the application process. If you are a Freshman or Sophomore that wants the best college admissions advise, schedule a consult >
► essays only
If applications are right around the corner and you’re in need of essay guidance, we can help. We work with students late in the process to do anything necessary to help their essays stand out, from helping to brainstorm personal statement topics to making sure the essay fits the rest of the application strategy. We offer a Complete Essay Package for writing a personal statement, supplemental essay or both. We offer a methodical and expert approach that will take you from wherever you are today, to an authentic, polished and ready for submission essay. We’ll help bring your story to life with a solid foundation and engaging detail and also ensure that your essay is structurally and grammatically sound.
Essay packages can be as expansive or as limited as you’d like. If you think this option is for you, schedule a consultation to talk with us about how we can help.
► hourly
If you need help with just one or two specific parts of the admissions process, we offer a pay-as-you-go hourly service. We can provide guidance on college list building, early decision strategies or answer any other questions you have about the college admissions process. Nothing beats our full service packages, which offer a lot more value, but if you have just a few burning questions, we are happy to help.
 Schedule a consultation with us to see if an hourly rate is what you need.
parents are talking

"real, down to earth people...

These are real, down to earth, friendly people who you FEEL working for your family in the most positive way. This decision was a no-brainer.”

- Michelle A.

"the best investment...

This was the best investment I could have made for my child's success with college applications and other processes. The tools and expertise that Cappex offers well exceeded my expectations."

- Cheryl O.

"sincerely thank you...

My family and I would like to sincerely thank you. We honestly had no clue where to start and definitely needed someone to keep us to deadlines and on task. You have worked so hard for us and given such encouragement over these past months.”

- Olivia C.

parents are talking

"so grateful...

Cappex was able to get me an extra $10K in scholarship money every year which is $40K in all. I am speechless but also so grateful."

- Isabella H.

"incredibly pleased...

We've been incredibly pleased with the help my son has received from Cappex Advising. They've taken the time to ask the right questions and get to know him, which has been a tremendous help for him to get the correct message eloquently down on paper."

- Karla K.

"total professionalism...

From our first phone call to our latest video chat, there has been nothing but professionalism, and understanding of our needs and expectations.”

- Michael A.

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