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The Cappex Admissions Advising approach revolves around three core elements: an expertly-crafted proven advising methodology, proprietary admissions data, and of course, carefully selected advisors. Our high-touch, personal human element backed by a proven structure and proprietary data truly sets us apart as an advising solution and gives you the advantage over other applicants.
Our Advising Methodology
Proven | Efficient | Custom
The only thing more important than who is advising is how they are advising.
That’s why we have spent countless hours with our advisors and college admissions departments to fine-tune a framework that can take any student from wherever they are today, to day one at the best possible college for them. Our methodology is highly structured yet flexible enough to create a personalized roadmap for each and every student that is preparing to apply to college.
Our Methodology
focuses on the four most critical parts of the admissions process:
  • The College List
  • The personal essay
  • The Completed application
  • The financial plan
Together, we make sure you nail each of these elements, ultimately submitting an app to each college that is intentional and meticulously customized for each school.
Our Data
Accurate | Complete | Exclusive
What truly sets us apart is our commitment to data collection and our access to proprietary college admissions data that is unmatched in the advising industry. Our data team has long-standing relationships with more than 1,000 colleges and is continually expanding and curating exclusive college admissions data to give you the advantage.
Constant Curation
The college landscape is changing rapidly. That’s why we deploy a team of data experts to continually pull college data from various sources, including the schools themselves, and verify its accuracy.
What Does This Mean For You?
Our advisors are equipped with the most accurate and complete college data so they can provide you with the most precise acceptance chances and proper college matches. You also get the most current information on colleges including actual cost of attendance and merit aid available.

Unique Access
For over a decade, Cappex has helped over 12 million students attend the college that’s right for them, and assisted more than 1,000 colleges enroll the right students - meaning we have access to the admissions data and statistics straight from the source. 
What Does This Mean For You?
We have a better idea than anyone about who gets in and who doesn’t. It gives us a data-driven frame of reference to actual admissions results, combined with our expert methodology and dedicated advisors – providing you an “art-and-science” advising service that is truly custom to your needs.
Our Advisors
Knowledge | Experience | Passion
Our advisors are professionals who have a passion for helping students thrive. They know the ins and outs of the process, including how to make a student’s application stand out with a compelling narrative that will impress each individual admissions department.
With Cappex Admissions Advising, you get the power of many viewpoints and areas of expertise, combined with a proven advising methodology and comprehensive college data. The result is a superior, well-rounded service other advisors cannot match.
You Get...
  • Experienced professionals trained in a proven methodology
  • Proactive scheduling and task completion
  • Multiple viewpoints, experiences, and expertise
  • A dedication to highly personalized service & admissions results
  • As much 1-on-1 time as you need to do it right
  • Support staff and data analysts for a white glove experience
Following your free 30-minute consultation, you will be paired with an advisor who will learn about your unique situation. They will then work closely with you to create your custom road map to admissions success.
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